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HopeWay Opens Psychiatry Outpatient Practice

February 17, 2020

SouthPark area office of HopeWay Psychiatry & Associates will ease shortage of psychiatrists.

Charlotte, N.C. (February 17, 2020) - HopeWay, an accredited nonprofit mental health residential and day treatment center for adults, is opening a community-based private practice in the SouthPark area on February 3, 2020 to provide a broad range of high-quality psychiatric outpatient care to children, adolescents, and adults in the Charlotte region.

Psychiatrist Shortage 

HopeWay Psychiatry & Associates will help ease a shortage of psychiatrists in the Charlotte area, serving both the community at large and HopeWay clients seeking to continue their care in an outpatient setting who do not already have an established care team.

“While we have wonderful providers in Charlotte, it is no secret that our community does not have enough psychiatric support to meet growing and varied needs. At HopeWay, we have seen this reality play out with many of our clients upon discharge when they do not already have an established psychiatrist. We are thrilled to be in a position to help meet this need by expanding our mission through HopeWay Psychiatry & Associates,” said Dr. Alyson R. Kuroski-Mazzei, a psychiatrist who is HopeWay’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer.

HopeWay's Mission

“HopeWay is committed to provide a holistic program of mental health services essential for long-term recovery,” added Dr. Kevin Marra, a psychiatrist who is HopeWay’s Director of Medical Services. “Having an outpatient option improves the continuity of care for the clients we serve.”

Psychiatric Diagnoses

The clinic will serve people with psychiatric diagnoses, with psychiatrists specializing in mood disorders, psychotic disorders, sleep disorders, women’s peripartum mood disorders, child/adolescent neurodevelopmental disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma, substance use disorders and forensic psychiatry evaluations.

HopeWay Psychiatrists & Payment Plan 

HopeWay recently hired an additional psychiatrist to join the team and is recruiting two more. At capacity, there will be eight psychiatrists between the two campuses.

HopeWay Psychiatry & Associates will be a “payment at time of service” practice, but clients will receive a statement of services so they can file for their own insurance reimbursement. HopeWay’s financial assistance program supports a sliding scale structure for qualifying clients.

Nonprofit Organization 

Like HopeWay, HopeWay Psychiatry & Associates will operate under the umbrella of the nonprofit HopeWay Foundation.

Rebecca Herron and Bailey Patrick of MPV Properties represented HopeWay in this transaction.


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