Adult Mental Health Residential Program

Compassionate care is available 24/7. HopeWay's voluntary Residential Program helps adults, 18 years and older, struggling with mental health issues that have affected their ability to be successful in school, work, and life.

Our Residential Mental Health Treatment Facility

Our residential program offers a unique opportunity, where clients have a calm and therapeutic living environment that supports their treatment journey towards mental wellness and healing. This program includes a full-day structured group therapy schedule and weekly sessions with a psychiatrist and individual therapist. 

Evening hours and weekends allow time to rest, process and practice what is learned during the day. Optional weekend activities include meditation groups, journaling, yoga, art, other recreational activities, and time for visitation from loved ones. 

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About Our Behavioral Health Residential Facility

Our residential wing has 36 private bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, designed with safety and comfort as the highest priorities. Our 24/7 staff of nurses and mental health professionals provide comprehensive care with kindness and respect for each individual who resides on the unit. 

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Clients who have resided on our unit describe a safe living space, with continuous staff support and guidance. Clients express that the residential unit provides a community-based experience in which they can learn and practice healthy living skills with others while feeling safe and supported.

Our experienced team uses a holistic, personalized approach to create a unique treatment plan for each client. The plan outlines the steps needed for clients to make a successful transition to the next stage of their recovery. The length of time in treatment varies based on the individual's clinical needs to ensure success as they gradually return to independent living.

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