Wellness Clinic

According to the North Carolina Practice Improvement Collaborative, "it is estimated that 68% of adults with mental illness have one or more chronic physical conditions and that 29% of adults with medical conditions have mental disorders. People with serious mental illnesses are more likely to have multiple physical disorders and to die 25 years earlier than the rest of the population."

Because mental health is directly affected by physical health, HopeWay integrates medical care into our treatment model. The onsite wellness clinic is staffed by a medical team of doctors and nurses with expertise in addressing the physical health needs of clients with mental illness. All clients receive an initial physical exam and will continue to receive wellness services throughout their treatment as needed.

Throughout residential and day treatment, clients learn how to manage existing health issues, understand their medications and potential side effects, and monitor for the onset of new conditions related to long-term use of medications. Education about healthy living and counseling are also key components of each client’s overall treatment plan.