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Veterans Program

Veterans Program

HopeWay is honored to announce our newest service line which will provide specialized treatment for Veterans living with mental health issues. Our goal is to reduce the rate of suicide for our nation’s heroes and provide them with the support and treatment they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

This program will open January 2021.

Too many veterans still battle untreated mental illness. Even with robust VA services, around 40% of Veterans never go to a VA at all, and most non-VA civilian psychiatrists and therapists do not specialize in Veteran’s mental health. This is where HopeWay can help. As U.S. citizens, we owe it to our brave Veterans to get them the care they need.

(Buyck, 2019)

About Our Veterans Program

Starting in 2021, HopeWay will offer evidence-based treatment for Veterans struggling with PTSD and other mental health challenges through individual psychiatric and therapeutic care, group therapy and a variety of integrative therapies.

More information coming soon! 

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HopeWay stands as one of the more robust residential psychiatric programs I have seen, and the Veteran population in North Carolina is growing. As someone whose professional career is focused on military and Veterans mental health, the expansion of HopeWay’s program to help this population is exciting. I am extremely humbled and grateful HopeWay chose me to lead this initiative.

- Justin Johnson, MD
Director of Veteran Services

Justin Johnson, MD <br>Director of Veteran Services