Art Therapy

Art Therapy at HopeWay incorporates creativity, mindfulness and the healing power of art as an integral tool for healing and recovery.

Creativity has scientifically proven therapeutic benefits, and with a registered art therapist to guide the creative process, the journey toward healing, reconciliation, and hope becomes tangible and real.

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy allows for the expression of feelings and thoughts that are often without words. Trauma, grief and other types of life events are sometimes experienced in a way that is greater than our capacity to describe them verbally. When that happens, we employ the old adage that “a picture paints a thousand words,” because when words fail, art speaks. 


Art Therapy Benefits

"Art making, or the creative process, is an intense focus of the mind (mindfulness) in which marks are made in the present moment. The mind may feel like it wanders when making art, but really, it adheres itself to the present moment. Marks can only be made in the here and now. When someone holds a paint brush or a piece of clay, there is a tactile experience that brings an awareness to the body, and thus to the present moment. To choose a color and make a mark are matters of the mind. The mind must be present for the body to make a mark. When the mind and the body come together, one loses track of time, hunger, worry, and sadness and enters into what is referred to as a “state of flow”. Time is deconstructed. There is no past. There is no future. There is only now. In THIS moment, sadness ameliorates, anxieties calm, emotions are released and then made visible, tangible, touchable and understandable.

It is through this expression that clients begin to create a narrative, revise their worldview, gain insight and awareness, and work to transcend adversity.  It is through color, lines, shapes, materials and processes that the path of illness changes into a path of healing, hope, and understanding."

- Marianne & Tessa, Art Therapists


Art Therapy Testimonials

"The Art Therapist is fantastic at meeting clients where they are, and helping clients understand each other through art." - Jessica

"The Art Therapist is fantastic at using art as an additional form of treatment, helping me self evaluate each Monday with self-portraits. She integrates mindfulness well, and really makes art accessible, meeting people wherever their comfort level is." - Anthony


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