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Nutritional Wellness

HopeWay promotes lifestyle choices and behaviors that can be maintained for the long term and integrated into an everyday routine. This is achieved by offering healthier food options for all residents, day treatment clients, visitors and staff; promoting an active lifestyle by having an onsite gym, fitness room, and yoga classes; and delivering nutritional information by offering classes in the learning kitchen.

What is Nutritional Wellness?

Nutritional wellness is the celebration and education of cooking and healthy food choices, its impact on mental health, and exploring the physical and emotional relationship humans have with food. 

The holistic treatment approach of HopeWay incorporates healthy diets and nutrition to help clients make healthy food choices. Our food service provider places a high value on wellness and has recognized the need to transform nutrition services beyond just food.

In addition, our registered dietitians offer a comprehensive curriculum that explores clients' relationship with food and uses cooking as a new experience to foster innovation and joy. They discuss the interaction of nutrients, such as carbohydrates and fats, with our body and brain. They also cover the emotional reaction we have to food. For instance, how the smell and/or taste of food can evoke memory, as well as physical and psychological reactions. In addition to nutritional wellness groups, our dietitians also provide individual nutrition counseling and education for those with specific nutrition needs. These activities enable clients to make knowledgeable choices, both during their treatment and when they return to school, work and life.


Nutrition and Wellness

Mindful Eating 

"In the Learning Kitchen, clients have the ability to prepare and share food together. This act of gathering around food is something innate within us as human beings that promotes social connection. Consider your own life. Where do relationships form? Where do we gather with loved ones? Where do we celebrate life occasions? Likely, all of these are over a meal. As clients focus on the task at hand (measuring ingredients, mixing, tasting, etc.) casual conversation flows, connections are made and trust is formed, all of which can be carried over into their next therapy groups."

- Sarah Craig & Kristen, Health and Wellness Specialists


"The cooking class was AMAZING!" - Justin

"The Health & Wellness specialist met one-on-one with me multiple times to help me figure out ways to change my home diet, and I'm grateful for her guidance." - Sarah

"Meeting with the Health & Wellness specialist multiple times to do exposure work was super helpful by exposing me to my fears. She was more than accommodating." - Nicholas



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