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Our Stories Connect Us: A Message From HopeWay Nurse, Daniel Oliveira

October 31, 2022

Daniel Oliveira, RN, Residential Charge Nurse

Pathway to Nursing 

Nursing isn’t the profession I was initially drawn to. I went to college to be a Computer Engineer, a career that requires little to no social interaction. Being an immigrant from Brazil, I always dealt with anxiety about fitting in and being understood, but half way through college, I realized if I did not give myself an opportunity to grow I would only exacerbate my anxieties. So I decided to go into nursing and fell in love with psychiatric nursing.

Nursing Experience at HopeWay

I have been a nurse at HopeWay for five years, and it is the most rewarding job I have ever had. Being a part of a collaborative team means I do not simply dispense medications and monitor vital signs. The nursing staff becomes immersed in the client’s treatment, recovery, successes and falls. Each client has a story. Those stories are a constant reminder that we all have our own anxieties and worries, but if we do not give ourselves an opportunity to push through, we will never know what we are capable of – and everyone has something to share with the world.


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