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Spread Hope

Hope is contagious too.

While the pandemic has brought about some logistical changes in the way we do things at HopeWay, it has not changed the science, the medicine, the humanity or the why.

The pandemic has affected every person's mental health on some level and people are talking about it.

This time has been marked by a significant increase in mental illness across the nation. Our clinical work has never been more critical. Spreading awareness in the community has never been more urgent. Hope will always be a part of our mission. And it’s contagious, too.

What The Pandemic Has Taught Us

There's more than one way to provide extraordinary care.

On average, 21% of clients receive financial assistance.

The power isn't in being together, it is in being connected.

Since the pandemic started, 35% of our clients have received treatment through virtual services.

The strength of the HopeWay community is not impacted by six feet of separation.

People come to HopeWay from all over. So far, this includes 28 states and several countries.

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There’s greater realization of our common humanity & the opportunity to connect through this struggle.

Nearly 41% of adults surveyed by the CDC reported an adverse mental or behavioral health condition.


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