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Thank you, Jordan! 2018 Art Therapy Intern

July 20, 2018

HopeWay's internship program grew in January when Jordan Conner, a graduate student at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College in Indiana, began a semester-long internship with HopeWay's art therapist, Marianne Huebner. Jordan facilitated groups, participated in weekly treatment team meetings and clinical assessments, and observed Marianne's one-on-one sessions with clients. She also offered open studio on Saturdays, providing residential clients the opportunity to continue working on projects begun earlier in the week.  

Jordan's favorite client story occurred during a "safe place" guided imagery exercise.  While she read a selected passage, clients were encouraged to meditate and draw images and places that came to mind. While sharing her image with the group, Sarah confessed that she had never felt safe before coming to HopeWay. She then began to experience a flashback, becoming inconsolable. Trying to restore Sarah's focus, Jordan asked her "Are you safe in this moment?" Sarah paused and took a couple of deep breaths, then responded, "I had taken myself out of the safety, and you brought me back in."  

Jordan will be graduating in December with a Masters of Art in Art Therapy with an emphasis in counseling, having completed 700 hours of experience in the field. We are so grateful for all that she has contributed to HopeWay's extraordinary care, and we look forward to welcoming our two new art therapy interns, Josh Kale and Amy Sietlan, for the fall semester. 


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