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Shining Stars on HopeWay's Staff

May 31, 2018

Allison Todd, Primary Therapist at HopeWay 

Allison Todd, one of HopeWay's primary therapists, earned the 2018 Masters of Social Work (MSW) Field Instructor of the Year Award from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  She was nominated by Mary Grace Gibson, a UNCC student who worked closely with Allison during her year-long internship with HopeWay.  Members of the Social Work faculty at UNCC selected Allison out of the 6 nominees who were up for the award.

"[Allison] embodies the social work principles and is deeply committed to her clients and co-workers. Although Allison has a lot on her plate, she was always present in supervision and with her clients.  She has taught me so much about how to carry myself as a social worker.  I have learned most importantly how to be present with clients."

-Excerpt from Mary Grace Gibson's Letter of Recommendation

Mary Grace was part of the newly established Integrated Behavioral Health Scholar (IBHS) program at UNCC.  HopeWay was chosen as an approved site for IBHS students due to our focus on providing integrated care to clients.

Dr. Allison R. Kuroski-Mazzei, HopeWay's CEO and Chief Medical Officer 

Dr. Alyson R. Kuroski-Mazzei, HopeWay's CEO and Chief Medical Officer, has been elected to serve as Secretary on the Executive Board of the North Carolina Psychiatric Association (NCPA). She will also serve as the Chair of the Membership Committee.

The North Carolina Psychiatric Association 

The North Carolina Psychiatric Association is a professional medical organization that represents over 900 psychiatrists statewide. Their mission is to promote the highest quality care for North Carolina residents with mental illness, including substance use disorders; to advance and represent the profession of psychiatry and medicine in North Carolina; and, to serve the professional needs of its membership.


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