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Dr. Taren Coley Explains Postpartum Depression

August 21, 2019

HopeWay psychiatrist Dr. Taren Coley joins Fox46 Good Day Charlotte to talk about baby blues and postpartum depression.

Typically 50-80% of women will experience baby blues from anywhere around day 5 up until the second week after birth. Symptoms include sadness, tearfulness, low energy, and trouble sleeping.

While it can often be confusing to distinguish baby blues from postpartum depression, it is important for new moms to be aware of the red flags associated with postpartum depression, such as detachment or feeling like you are not bonding with your infant and thoughts of wanting to hurt yourself or others. When these symptoms persist outside of a two-week period, it is important to seek professional help.

Thank you Fox46 Good Day Charlotte for bringing awareness to such an important topic. 



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