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"Lose It" - An Original Rap by HopeWay Clients

October 31, 2018

HopeWay's integrative therapies provide clients with unique opportunities to express feelings in ways that differ from traditional "talk" therapy. For example, music therapy uses active music making, music listening, discussion, song-writing, improvisation and meditation to teach clients how to manage stress, explore their emotions, improve communication and promote wellness.

Joan Kleinmann, HopeWay's music therapist, recently led one of her groups through the exercise of writing a song describing what anxiety feels like. Enjoy their final product below:

Verse 1:  Pressure, doesn't even measure.

               Anxiety, overwhelms me.

               Heightened awareness, feels like unfairness.

               Butterflies make me feel like falling through skies.

               Can't get caught up on my breath, feels like death.

               Panic make me go manic.

               Tired of self-doubt, need another route.


Chorus: Meditation, helps with relaxation.

              No mo' denial, putting my thoughts on trial.

              I'll stop eating fries, and get some exercise.

              Annihilate (anxiety), don't isolate.

              My new creed, got me starting to read.

              Readin', what you needin'.

              Think through it, so you don't lose it.


Verse 2:  Done with shakin', tired of the time its takin'.

               When you feeling empty, stop.  Do some CBT.

               Bitterness, gives me dizziness.

               All this worry, making me feel sorry.

               Pressure killing me during this lecture.

               DBT like 1.2.3!


Repeat Chorus


Editor’s note: This blog post is presented for informational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat any illness. If you have any health concern, see a licensed healthcare professional in person.