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2018 Holiday Cards

November 30, 2018

Sharing Peace, Hope and Light

The leaves have changed to their fall hues, we've gathered with family and friends for a Thanksgiving Feast, and now the bright lights on streets and houses signal the arrival of the holiday season. Share the warm wishes of peace, hope and light with your friends and loved ones this year by sending them one of HopeWay's 2018 Holiday Cards.

We are leaving the donation amount up to you. When thinking about what you would like to give, we encourage you to think about what you would normally spend on a gift. For example, last year's donations ranged from $10-$20 per card.

To place an order, visit and select "Holiday Card" in the "Donate To" field. Use the memo box to let us know how many cards you would like to receive. If you have any questions, please direct them to Megan Gregg at (980) 859-2115 or

Happy Holidays from all of us at HopeWay!


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