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The Healing Impact of Family

October 31, 2022

The Griffith Family 

A conversation with brothers Jimbo and Fred Griffith involves a lot of good natured banter, but grows serious around the subject of mental health. They are currently the President and Executive Vice President of E.C. Griffith Company & Griffith Real Estate, a 110-year-old Charlotte firm with deep community roots.

The Importance of HopeWay

A supporter of HopeWay since the beginning, Jimbo remembers looking across the grand opening crowd, listening to stories told, and realizing that mental illness affects everyone, whether through personal struggle or that of someone we care about. “Our family is no exception. We have lost loved ones to mental illness and many friends to suicide. Supporting HopeWay is a way to honor them and contribute to something Charlotte really needs. Before, people had to travel to Florida, Atlanta and across the country for this kind of care, if they could even find it.”

HopeWay Corporate Partners 

As a Corporate Partner, the Griffiths recently toured the campus with CEO & Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Alyson Kuroski-Mazzei. “Given our financial commitment, we have a responsibility to our investors to know where the money is going,” Jimbo adds. “We were not just pleased, we were overwhelmed. The leadership is extraordinary.”

“The natural beauty of HopeWay’s campus welcomed us as we crossed over the fish pond at the front entrance,” says Fred. “We were immediately drawn in. From the lobby to the therapy rooms, you could see how well the architects did their work. There was a felt sense of calm. We knew that lifesaving work was happening around us.”

“Shortly before that tour, I attended HopeWay’s spring Covington educational event. Though we had been supporters since the start, this was the first time I had actively participated in anything. It was a panel discussion about anxiety, and I was blown away. I was struck by the power of openly talking about it. I truly experienced a sense of healing that evening, and I have shared HopeWay’s story many times since.”

“It’s exciting that HopeWay has room to grow and serve more people in the future,” Jimbo says. “We’re proud to be part of this special resource.”

Fred concurs, “We love it.”


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Editor’s note: This blog post is presented for informational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat any illness. If you have any health concern, see a licensed healthcare professional in person.