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Navigating Recovery: HopeWay’s New Eating Disorder Programs

March 14, 2024

We are excited to introduce two new eating disorder programs to our list of services and programs. These programs include an adolescent track tailored for individuals ages 12 to 17 and a young adult track for individuals ages 18 to 25. These programs will run 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, with participants arriving in the morning and leaving in the late afternoon.

What We Offer

Our programs offer a multitude of different types of group therapies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). When we’re involving family members, we offer Family Based Therapy (FBT) which is considered the gold treatment for adolescents struggling with eating disorders.

In addition to the therapies we provide, we also offer weekly check-ins and appointments. These include weekly meetings with psychiatrists, dietitians, and individual and family-based therapy sessions.

What To Expect: Day in The Life

Days will typically start with a visit to the Wellness Clinic where the nurses will obtain labs if necessary, including vitals, weights, and other key metrics. After this, participants will receive their first of two therapeutic meals of the day, breakfast and lunch. Individuals will also be given two therapeutic snacks throughout the day. Following their meal, individuals will have process groups, and other types of skill-based groups where they will learn skills to address their body
image concerns, eating disorder behaviors, and behaviors that are resulting from co-occurring conditions.

In addition to these activities, adolescents will be given two hours of school programming a day. This time will allow them to keep up with schoolwork and have one-on-one support from a licensed teacher. Furthermore, individuals have the opportunity and access to a variety of integrative therapy groups like art, yoga, nutrition education, and music therapy.

Our Young Adult track is very similar and includes all of the same components, except for the two hours of school support.

Your Next Steps Start With HopeWay

We know how difficult and daunting an eating disorder can be for both the individual and their loved ones. We are here every step of the way, to offer evidence-based, compassionate care for you or your loved ones. We are excited to introduce these programs and make an impact on the Charlotte community and surrounding areas. Learn more about our expanding programs and services offered here at HopeWay!


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Editor’s note: This blog post is presented for informational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat any illness. If you have any health concern, see a licensed healthcare professional in person.